Annual vigil

Faith leaders renew poverty fight

Saturday, January 12

On the 55th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty” speech, leaders from around Rhode Island gathered Jan. 8 at the State House in Providence to call on …
Editor's column
Community Q&A

Rabbi Adam Lavitt is all about spiritual wellness, social justice

Thursday, January 10

As part of Jewish Rhode Island’s ongoing effort to introduce community leaders, Rabbi Adam Lavitt agreed to answer a few questions. Favorite Jewish food? I’d have to say …
Health and Wellness

Make your New Year’s resolutions stick

Thursday, January 10

Every year on Jan. 1, people all around the world vow to change their life through what we call New Year’s resolutions. Whether we resolve to eat healthier, go to the gym, lose weight, get that degree, or something else, most of us fail at these attempts to change within a few short months — sometimes even weeks or days.So, what can we do to change our physical and/or mental health to make our resolutions stick?
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Other news
Looking Back

Timely appearance of brown siddur

Thursday, January 10

The article scheduled for the Nov. 9 issue of The Jewish Voice was an homage to three men who served in World War I, designed to coincide with Veterans Day. Then came the tragedy at Tree of Life …