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Many years ago, when my son Mason was in elementary school, he was hit in the face by a ball while in the schoolyard. When he came home, he looked awful, but there were no signs of … more
When I meet someone in the Jewish community and we start to play “Jewish Geography,” I simply say I am May-Ronny Zeidman’s son. Everyone in the community knows her through her … more
This is not my story. A woman told me the following story after a recent meeting. When she finished, I was taken with the very good side of humanity. Jeanette was the activities director at a … more
Today, I was thinking how events in our lives shape us and make us who we are. Sometimes I think, “If this had happened instead of that, what would my life be.” I then think, “What … more
In a few days, it will again be Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of mine. I have never “made” the holiday. I like to tell people, “I do not do … more
I was born in Providence and moved to Pawtucket when I was 8 years old. Except for leaving my grandparents, an aunt and uncle and cousins, I was happy to leave. I went to the same elementary school … more
My dad had some hard and fast rules. When he said, “Stop!” he expected us to stop dead in our tracks. His reasoning was that perhaps he could see something my brother and I could not, and … more
Someone recently told me that relationships are like passengers on a train. Some stay until the end of the line, some stay for most of the ride and some leave at the first stop. You get the … more