RICI gathers in memory of Pittsburgh victims


On Oct. 27, at a private home in Wakefield, about fifty people, members and followers of the Rhode Island Coalition for Israel (RICI) and the Jubilee Sisters of Wakefield, met quietly to recognize the shooting victims at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. Those who attended were there to express sympathy for their Jewish brothers and sisters, to say that their hearts went out to those families who lost their loved ones.


Mary Greene, faith leader of the Jubilee Sisters and president of RICI, spoke about the tragedy and about the unbreakable connection between Christians and the Jewish people. She further explained how RICI, as a coalition of Christians and Jews, is working to support Israel and traditional Judeo-Christian values. She pointed out that Christians are at risk today as well as Jews, and that “after they come for the Saturday people, they will come for the Sunday people”.

RICI is offering to help congregations connect with law enforcement in order to improve their security measures. RICI can be reached at ricoalitionforisrael@gmail.com. Their website is www.ricoalitionforisrael.org.

HOWARD BROWN is executive director of the Rhode Island Coalition for Israel.