Dr. Stanley Aronson
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It was once said, in the distant past, that an adolescent son should be advised to seek entrance to the profession of medicine if his morals were too malleable for the clergy, his stamina too fragile for the military and his arithmetical skills too … more
Britain had been invaded countless times by the Romans, Saxons, Jutes and Danes, but it was not until the year 1066 that a Norman force from the European mainland achieved more than a limited occupation. While earlier invasions had created small … more
American citizens read more newspapers and observe the news on TV/radio more avidly than the citizens of any other nation. An issue that captures our attention is the emergence of a new disease, especially if it is contagious and arises in an … more
There are many non-English words, currently held hostage in a purgatory of orphaned words, begging to be admitted to the English vocabulary. But since there are no admissions committees authorized by Washington – or even a friendly rabbinical … more
The Catskill Mountains first appeared on European maps in the early years of the 17 century as maritime nations aggressively sought mercantile bases in the Western hemisphere. The merchants of Amsterdam, in 1602, were granted a charter for a … more
Few things in life are more subject to change than the range of therapies and palliative interventions that the modern physician can offer. Older physicians will recall that death had the controlling hand in the terminally ill patient; and when … more
The world cowers as it now confronts yet another pestilence originating in some remote forest. In recent years, humanity has been affronted by a succession of alien infectious diseases, novel forms of environmental intoxication and eccentric ways of … more
Asking “Who is a Jew?” has never been an idle inquiry.  The purpose of the question may have changed from continent to continent and from generation to generation, but it has never been a casual query prompted by idle curiosity. more
Two 19th century men of different faiths and disparate social backgrounds, each conversant within the corridors of international philanthropy, met late in their lives and formed a deep and lasting friendship. One was named Moses Haim Montefiore … more
William Shakespeare, who survived to age 54, probably knew little of the cognitive deficits that sometimes accompany advanced aging. In fact, in his era, organic dementia of the elderly was not considered to be a public health problem meriting … more
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