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Watch the video: The Alef Beats Zoomed through lockdown, emerged still singing

Any singer will tell you that a cappella really only works when all the singers are together in person. The Alef Beats are no exception: the Jewish-themed singing group thrives on live energy. …

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A spectacular Hanukkah celebration

Yesterday at 12:24 PM

The City of Providence Department of Art, Culture + Tourism, in collaboration with the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island, Brown RISD Hillel, the Board of Rabbis of Greater Rhode Island, Kosher for the People and Congregation Beth Sholom sponsored a celebration of Hanukkah on Dec. 5 in downtown Providence at the Biltmore Park. A good time was had by all
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Former Holocaust center leader reflects on education and the future

4 days ago

Not many people can say they have touched as many parts of the Rhode Island Jewish community as has May-Ronny Zeidman. From her years at the Women’s Division of the then Jewish Federation of …

Episode 5: Rabbi Sarah Mack

In episode five, Rabbi Sarah Mack of Temple Beth-El in Providence discusses everything from the influence of nature on her spirituality, to the importance of strong mentorship. An admitted …

Episode 4: Michele Lederberg

In episode four, Michele Lederberg of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island discusses what it means to be a present and proactive leader. From the strong moral compass of Judaism to the …

Episode 3: Neil Steinberg

In episode three, Neil Steinberg of the Rhode Island Foundation discusses leadership in the nonprofit world. From his early beginnings, featuring a challah the size of a table, to stepping up when the going gets tough, Neil's guiding principle is that leadership is created in a void.
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Which team are you on?

Have you listened to the first podcasts from Jewish Rhody Media? It’s a terrific series on leadership called Chutzpah! There’s a new episode every other Thursday, featuring Adam Greenman, …

A tribute to a much-loved tree

Ramblings on the times of our lives

New year, new thought: Let’s embrace what’s good right now

Precious memories, neatly boxed

Jewish Rhody Media: The future is here


Joseph Beckler, 99

Monday, November 29

Selma Beckler, 93

Monday, November 29

Sonya Garfinkle, 99

Monday, November 29

Judith Helfgott, 81

Monday, November 29

Gloria Lefkowitz, 88

Monday, November 29

Mark Leyfman, 76

Monday, November 29

Helen Abrams, 102

Tuesday, November 16

Two emaciated men are starving on a raft in the midst of an unnamed sea. One of them picks up a spyglass to look more closely at a circling gull, which suddenly dives and plucks a fish from the …
The past informs the present in local author’s funny Hanukkah tales

I have known Mark Binder – author, story-teller, longtime resident of Providence’s East Side – for decades. During my 33 years as rabbi of Temple Habonim, in Barrington, Binder …


A PACE fund lets you endow your annual gift to the Alliance

4 days ago

Every year, nearly 1,500 people make donations to the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island’s annual community campaign. This enables the Alliance to fund programs, both locally and overseas, that make our community strong and vibrant. But when donors pass away, their annual gift is usually lost.

Letters to the Editor

Root causes of campus anti-Semitism 

4 days ago

Thank you for printing an article about anti-Semitism on campus [November 2021]. It would be helpful to probe the root causes of anti-Semitism among the supposedly enlightened academics. One of the …


Beth-El’s new community cookbook dishes on COVID-19, traditions

3 days ago

There you are, flipping through your new cookbook, “Recipes and Memories that Nourished Us Through the Pandemic.” You see artwork and photographs. You recognize faces from the Sisterhood …

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Watch the video: Liza Burkin is clearing a path for R.I. bicyclists

As Rhode Island emerges from COVID-19’s shadow, Burkin and her collaborators have big plans for the state capital.

“In Providence, we are so lucky,” she says. “Any city that was built before the car is inherently a good city for cycling.”

Burkin is excited about several major developments in self-powered transportation in Rhode Island.

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