Bug makes a statement

Wednesday, July 15

Nibbles Woodaway, Rhode Island's iconic Big Blue Bug, joins the fight against anti-Semitism thanks to a sign commissioned by the Rhode Island Coalition for Israel (RICI). The sign will be in place until July 27. The bug is the mascot of Big Blue Bug Solutions and is adjacent to Route 95 in Providence.

Rabbi brought Benjamin Franklin’s virtues and Jewish ethical practice to Calif. inmates

Friday, July 3

I met Rabbi Eliahu Klein and his wife, Cynthia Scheinberg, at Shabbat meals about a year and half ago, soon after they moved from Berkeley, California, to Providence, following Scheinberg’s …
At the Dwares JCC

Beth Sholom finds a home at JCC

Friday, July 3

In June, the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island and Congregation Beth Sholom announced a partnership in which Congregation Beth Sholom’s classes and services would be moving to the …

JCC sponsors Summer Food Service Program for Children

Friday, July 3

J-Camp at the Dwares JCC, a program of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island, announces the sponsorship of the Summer Food Service Program for Children. This program is designed primarily to …
Editor's column

Keeping up with the news

In past years, July marked the beginning of the lazy, hazy days of summer. Warm temperatures and the vacation season sent us outdoors to crowd parks and beaches. Sneak a day off from work to go to a …

Hope amid the horrors

Just another day in quarantine

We are down, but not out

Will spring be the same this year?

Do you remember?

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Marsha Goldfine, 76

5 days ago

Seymour Dill, 89

5 days ago

Seymour Davis, 94

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Sylvia Bloomberg, 96

Monday, July 27

Sanford Coren, 90

Monday, July 27

Robert Fain, 76

Monday, July 27

Estelle Klemer, 95

Monday, July 27

Saralee Weiss, 81

Monday, July 27

America is broken; our country has become the “Dis-united States.” We routinely pledge allegiance to “one nation … indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” …
Our three Israels

Many, if not most, of us American Jews carry in our heads and hearts a sense of three separate but interrelated Israels: Am Yisrael, the people of Israel – that is, all Jews everywhere; Eretz …

Remember the Past

Remembrances of lost pleasures

Friday, June 5

A few months ago, I began this column with a lament for some of the pleasures of life that are now gone, like rolled beef and Benny’s, and with happy memories of some of the good in the old …

A street, a venue, apartment houses: The story behind their names

Friday, July 3

In the years of my youth, I often wondered why streets had the names they did. Of course, I knew that famous people and historic events were memorialized in that way, but not all street names …


As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, Boston’s Jewish community unveils a memorial to its victims

Monday, July 20

BOSTON (JTA) – The coronavirus pandemic is still unfolding, but a permanent memorial to its Jewish victims has already gone up in Boston. The city’s Jewish community unveiled a memorial …


The new foodie normal: Instead of travel and tours, one-on-one chef video lessons

5 days ago

TEL AVIV (JTA) — The reservations were rolling in, and Inbal Baum was preparing for her busiest summer yet of food tours through Israel’s famed open-air food markets. Her decade-old tour company …