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Watch the video: For Neal Drobnis, life is the greatest art form

"Oh, Neal? He’s a really nice guy.”

That’s what everybody says about Neal Drobnis, a soft-spoken 64-year-old with wavy hair and conspicuous height – and it only takes about five seconds in his company to see why. Niceness seems to emanate from Drobnis, along with pleasantries and avuncular chuckles. …

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Jewish Roots sculpture on display at JCC

PROVIDENCE – Two years after the idea was conceived, the Jewish Roots Project is now complete. The sculpture, shaped like a tree and encrusted in glass “gems,” now hangs prominently in the entryway of the Alliance’s Dwares Jewish Community Center. Each gem is unique, the creation of a Rhode Islander sometime during the pandemic. …

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Program to examine Israel’s outsized leadership in tech

Monday, January 10

Tiny Israel has become known as a leader in innovation and start-ups. For decades, just about everyone with a cellphone has benefited from technology developed in Israel – and now millions are …
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For world traveler Alana Deluty, R.I. is still home sweet home

If life were a test, Alana Deluty would be acing it. She works remotely as a data science analyst. She’s a veteran researcher for a major Providence hospital and an Ivy League university. She …


Episode 8: Andrew Bramson

In episode eight, Andrew Bramson, the president and CEO of the College Crusade of Rhode Island, sits down with Adam Greenman to discuss the power of change and leadership in the nonprofit field...

Episode 7: Cortney Nicolato

In episode seven, Cortney Nicolato, the president and CEO of United Way of Rhode Island, discusses everything from best practices in the nonprofit world to her journey into the tribe, and discovering …

Episode 6: Jeremy Isenberg

In episode six, Jeremy Isenberg, president of Chex Finer Foods, discusses the importance of leadership grounded in authenticity. Jeremy has dedicated himself to Chex, a business founded by his …

Episode 5: Rabbi Sarah Mack

In episode five, Rabbi Sarah Mack of Temple Beth-El in Providence discusses everything from the influence of nature on her spirituality, to the importance of strong mentorship. …

Episode 4: Michele Lederberg

In episode four, Michele Lederberg of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island discusses what it means to be a present and proactive leader. From the strong moral compass of Judaism to the …
Editor's column

Launching into an exciting 2022

Putting together the January newspaper presents a time to look back and think ahead. What a year it was. What a year we hope it will be! In 2021, we had a roller-coaster of ups and downs. That new …

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A tribute to a much-loved tree

Ramblings on the times of our lives

New year, new thought: Let’s embrace what’s good right now

Precious memories, neatly boxed


Nat Wolicki, 92

Yesterday at 11:42 AM

Dora Sirota, 84

Yesterday at 11:41 AM

Ruth Siperstein, 93

Yesterday at 11:39 AM

Sandra Simon, 82

Yesterday at 11:37 AM

Edward Rouslin, 85

Yesterday at 11:35 AM

Ann Miller, 79

Yesterday at 11:34 AM

Barbara Levine, 90

Yesterday at 11:33 AM

For many of us, this past Thanksgiving was a world apart from the Thanksgiving we celebrated – or failed to celebrate – a year ago. On Thursday, Nov. 26, 2020, my wife Sandy and I sat …
A complex moral dilemma

Two emaciated men are starving on a raft in the midst of an unnamed sea. One of them picks up a spyglass to look more closely at a circling gull, which suddenly dives and plucks a fish from the …


Secure your legacy with a planned gift to our Jewish community

Monday, January 10

Are you looking for a way to support the local Jewish community in perpetuity, to create a legacy in a place you care so much about? As you think about your hopes for the future, consider creating …

Letters to the Editor

Root causes of campus anti-Semitism 

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Thank you for printing an article about anti-Semitism on campus [November 2021]. It would be helpful to probe the root causes of anti-Semitism among the supposedly enlightened academics. One of the …


J-Fitness experts offer tips, recipes for a healthy new year

Monday, January 10

Hello 2022! To help you with your new year’s resolutions, Jewish Rhode Island asked the folks at J-Fitness, at the Alliance’s Dwares Jewish Community Center, in Providence, to share tips …

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Watch the video: Liza Burkin is clearing a path for R.I. bicyclists

As Rhode Island emerges from COVID-19’s shadow, Burkin and her collaborators have big plans for the state capital.

“In Providence, we are so lucky,” she says. “Any city that was built before the car is inherently a good city for cycling.”

Burkin is excited about several major developments in self-powered transportation in Rhode Island.

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