Watch the video: Karen Krinsky talks vegan ice cream

For 1,500 miles, Karen Krinsky drove her new truck up the interstate, wondering what she had gotten herself into. She had never run a food truck before. She’d never made ice cream, much less vegan ice cream. All Krinsky knew on that fateful day in 2010 was that she had just purchased a sizable used vehicle, and now she had to drive it from Boynton Beach, Florida, to Providence, Rhode Island.

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Community News

Embattled democracy, social media, conspiracy theories: Bret Stephens speaks at JCC

Friday, June 3

PROVIDENCE – On May 19, New York Times opinion columnist Bret Stephens helped reopen the JCC to in-person programming for the first time in more than two years when he spoke on “A …

Candidates for governor address hot-button issues at Alliance forum

Friday, June 3

PROVIDENCE – On May 27, five gubernatorial candidates gathered at the Alliance’s Dwares Jewish Community Center to discuss poverty and inequality in Rhode Island. The candidates offered …
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Celebrate Shavuot and summer with homemade cheesecake

Finally, warmer weather is here! For me, this means fresh fruit, gardening, family gatherings and Shavuot, a holiday when we typically eat all things delicious and dairy-based – like …

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Breakout Sessions: Why Do We Hate?

Listen to Pardeep Singh Kaleka and Arno Michaelis, a Sikh and a former white supremacist, who are advocates and experts in navigating and understanding hate and the ways it manifests in our communities.

Introducing: Breakout Sessions – Why Do We Hate?

Welcome to one of the Breakout Sessions from Jewish Rhody Media, where we take conversations further and think more deeply with the guests who join us behind the mic. Coming May 6th.

Episode 10: Alan Litwin

Episode 10 closes out the first season of Chutzpah! Alan Litwin, managing director of KLR, discusses his career trajectory with host Adam Greenman. Alan and Adam share their thoughts on the …
Editor's column

It’s time for action

Like everyone else I know, I was totally horrified by the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. And the one barely two weeks earlier, at a Tops grocery store in Buffalo, New York. And the shooting …

Getting back to normal

Celebrating freedom … with an eye on the news

Helping our brethren in Ukraine

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Ronald Markoff, 73

Wednesday, June 15

Phyllis Weiner, 88

Wednesday, June 15

Paula Pabian, 75

Tuesday, June 14

Yetta Glicksman, 91

Tuesday, June 14

Rabbi Rosenberg has been away from his desk.  He has requested that we reprint his well-received column from April 3, 2009, which appeared in what was then the Jewish Voice & Herald. Ever …
‘The Prison Minyan’

The Jan. 22, 2021, issue of The New York Times includes an article by Corey Kilgannon titled, “Michael Cohen’s Prison of Choice: Well-known to Jewish Offenders.” The article …

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D'var Torah

Act now to make this world a better place

Thursday, June 2

Moish and Sara were clearing the old clothes from their closets. “Hey, look what I found in the pocket of one of your suits!” Sara called out, holding a claim ticket in her …


Stephen Curry wore a Hebrew sweatshirt at the NBA Finals

Wednesday, June 15

(JTA) – Jews looking for a rooting interest in the concluding games of this year’s NBA Finals might have one now, thanks to a head-turning wardrobe choice from Golden State Warriors star …


You can adopt your very own olive tree in Israel

Friday, June 3

Individuals and groups can now adopt an olive tree in Israel, and then enjoy the boutique olive oil it produces. Kobi Asaf, founder of My Tree in Israel, envisions it as a way that people around …