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Free-form artist makes Providence home

One day in 2008, Noah Lubin walked into an art gallery in Jerusalem. He was feeling “brazen.”

He knew the place, at least from the outside. He’d walked past the display window many times.  But on this day, he happened to be carrying a portfolio of his artwork.

He knew he shouldn’t go in. This wasn’t how artists met art dealers.

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Breaking the glass

Jewish Rhody Media launches podcast on multifaith relationships

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Intermarriage. It’s been whispered about for years. Who we marry and their faith or spirituality can divide families and communities.  But intermarriage is growing. “Breaking the Glass,” a new six-episode podcast from Jewish Rhody Media, will explore multifaith relationships. With religious engagement in decline and polarization becoming more common, podcast producer and host Emma Newbery talked to people who are making these relationships work despite challenges and the experts who are helping …
Podcast: Episode Six

Listen to all six episodes

Thursday, December 1, 2022

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Editor's column

Yes, ‘Fran was at camp’ – with no regrets

There’s a joke in my family. Whenever something happens that I can’t remember or wasn’t a participant in, I must have been at camp. Bad stuff happened? Couldn’t have …

2023 and me: Time to reconnect with family

This Hanukkah, spread the light

Silence is just not acceptable

It’s a season of new possibilities

Looking back, looking forward


Karina Halpert, 78

5 days ago

Willene Bear

5 days ago

Linda Friedman, 79

5 days ago

Nina Newman

5 days ago

Doris Einhorn, 88

Wednesday, January 18

Rhoda Grover, 85

Wednesday, January 18

Priscilla Jaffe, 80

Wednesday, January 18

On the morning of Sept. 15, 2021, members of Barrington’s Temple Habonim gathered together to celebrate Yom Kippur, 5782.  All of us, having recently tested negative for COVID, and wearing …
The legal system alone cannot solve the problems of a pluralistic society

On Dec. 13, President Joe Biden signed into law the Respect for Marriage Act, which ensures that residents of all 50 states have the right to enter into same-sex and interracial marriages. This …

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In 1976, Philip Paige was known locally as the owner of the Paige-Young Furniture Company in Cranston. But decades earlier, a 16-year-old Paige had enlisted to fight in World War I, not with the U.S. …

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D'var Torah

Finding my spiritual home at Jewish camp

5 hours ago

June 1967 Dear Mom and Dad, Camp is FABULOUS! Actually, my amazing journey started before I even got here. The plane from San Antonio made a stop in New Orleans and blew a tire while …

Letters to the Editor

We’ve come a long way

Friday, January 6

I just want to say it’s amazing how far we’ve come in RI. I can still remember the pain of reading a letter to the editor in the Jewish Voice more than a decade ago from a reader who …

Delightful story

Friday, December 2, 2022

What a delight it was to read the story of Dick Shapiro (November 2022) – and to watch the video – which I learned of from the emailed newsletter Inside Jewish Rhode Island. The …


A soul-warming soup from Yemen

3 hours ago

My grandmother was such a powerful woman. I wrote this article in her memory, and for the memories she gave me and my family. Both of my grandmas made aliyah to Israel from Yemen in the 1950s, one …