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JERUSALEM (JTA) – IKEA Israel will stop selling disposable plastic items and stop using them in its cafeterias. The stores also will replace plastic straws with paper straws and provide … more

The question of whether or not our climate is changing isn't nearly as controversial as that of guns or politics. There is no dispute that weather patterns are shifting, ocean levels are rising and storms are intensifying. The disagreement is over how fast the change is occurring and how much can be done to alter the inevitable. And is the change real?

As with most important questions, resources exist to help you decide what you believe and what you can or should do. Here at Jewish Rhode Island, we want to hear your opinions and ideas. Clearly, the question is complicated. And opinions are varied.

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Our collective human problem is not how to save the planet for us ... but rather from us!  We must back off from “civilizing” the poor troubled planet, and leave some space to … more
THE SCIENCE OF the climate crisis has been clear for decades, and the need for action has never been more urgent.  Reliable, peer-reviewed research shows that half of plant and animal species are at risk for extinction by the end of the century. Wildfires, droughts, hurricanes and floods will become more deadly and destructive. Millions of climate refugees will need safe haven in coming years.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  more
H.G. Wells said, “Every time I see an adult on a bicycle I no longer despair for the future of the human race.” Wells lived in the golden age of bicycling, street cars and railroads in the late 19th century. But with the advent of the automobile, America handed over the keys to our transportation system to motorized vehicles and the fossil fuel industry. more
PENN YAN, N.Y. (JTA) – When the refineries were ablaze recently in Saudi Arabia, you might be forgiven if you forget that in the Amazon and Indonesia, forests were ablaze as … more