A subscriber responds to Rochelle Shatkin’s letter


Rochelle Shatkin’s recent letter to The Voice added important insights to the Kessler/Wiseman discussions about the rising trend in U.S. (and global) anti-Semitism.  Shatkin did her historic research citing the reality of political neglect by many U.S. governments that have not addressed anti-Semitism with meaningful legislation, not only during our current dangerous political climate but also for the past 40 years. A discussion by Larry Kessler to the longer history of anti-Semitism could, I believe, have strengthened his thesis.

Ms. Shatkin suggests a more realistic long-run view of this unforgiving aspect of social hatred. What is needed is better and stronger long-run legislation, which should be prioritized by all administrations, right and left! This would be very reassuring to both the Jewish and the Muslim communities.

Our current President may be encouraging terror and hate groups by his actions and negative tweets, and failing to prioritize the immediate need for bringing the country together with important civil rights legislation. Nevertheless, the message in the Kessler/Wiseman reporting, also blaming the middle class Jewish communities for their apathy on this complex issue is simplistic and poorly supported.  Ms. Shatkin’s reaction should encourage The Voice to do additional reporting on this complex social problem.

Marshall H. Cohen,


Washington, D.C.