A superhero, a scientist and a T. rex star in 2024’s new Passover children’s books


A superhero who saves the day; the return of a beloved multi-generational family of Jewish bears; a budding young nonbinary scientist who’s an heir to Frankenstein and a folk-style Ethiopian tale are among the stars of the new Passover children’s books published in 2024.

The titles come from new entrants to the Jewish children’s literary scene as well as from prominent, award-winning writers. They include picture books, young adult novels and two compendiums of timeless stories tied to the Passover holiday, which this year begins the evening of April 22.

Here’s your roundup of new children’s Passover books for 2024.

“Matzah Ball Chase”

Rachelle Burk; illustrated by Brittany Lakin

Apples & Honey Press; ages 3-6

In this rhyming Passover story, a matzah ball made by a young Israeli girl’s grandmother flies out of her bowl of soup and bounces out of the house. The ball bounces into Jerusalem’s Old City, across Israel to Tel Aviv, Masada and the Red Sea in a ticklish travelog that arrives at a time when many Jewish families are likely to be thinking about Israel.

“Where is Poppy?”

Caroline Kusin Pritchard; illustrated by Dana Wulfekotte

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers; ages 4-8

In this poignant story, a young girl looks forward to celebrating Passover with her extended family, but misses her grandfather, who died during the year. When her family suggests she look for signs of her beloved Poppy, she recalls all the ways he made the seder special.

“Tyrannosaurus Tsuris”

Susan Tarcov; illustrated by Elissambura

Kar-Ben Publishing; ages 3-6

Dinosaur lovers will enjoy this story of a Tyrannosaurus Rex who is overcome by tsuris (worry) about whether the guests he invited will come to his seder, or whether they’ll steer clear out of fear. The solutions-oriented story teaches a lesson about the importance of being kind to guests.

“Beni’s Tiny Tales: Around the Year in Jewish Holidays”

Jane Breskin Zalben

Christy Ottaviano Books; ages 4-8

More than three decades after the debut of a set of books about a charming family of Jewish bears, Beni, his sister Sara and all their cousins are back with children of their own, in Jane Breskin Zalben’s compilation of gloriously illustrated stories, songs, craft activities and recipes that is sure to delight a new generation of kids. A 20-page spread devoted to Passover opens with “Passover Ping Pong,” a lighthearted story that will have kids chuckling.

“Matzah Man to the Rescue!”

Eric A. Kimmel; illustrated by Charlie Fowkes

Apples & Honey Press; ages 5-9

Kids will delight as they follow the adventures of Matzah Man, in Eric Kimmel’s laugh-out-loud comic-style adventure about a Passover superhero who soars the skies in his blue cape, rescuing families across the globe who need help preparing for their seder. When his miracle matzah balls run low and he runs out of energy,  along comes the Prophet Elijah to save the superhero’s holiday. Charlie Fowkes’ colorful, animated illustrations are perfectly paired with Kimmel’s lively text.

“Everybody’s Book: The Story of the Sarajevo Haggadah”

Linda Leopold Strauss; illustrated by Tim Smart

Kar-Ben Publishers; ages 4-8

This gloriously illustrated, inspiring book traces the story of the historic medieval Spanish haggadah through its remarkable journey of survival, rescued multiple times by Muslims who risked their lives to save the Jewish manuscript. Today, the treasured haggadah, housed at the National museum in Sarajevo, stands as a universal symbol of peace for people of all faiths.

“Benjy’s Messy Room”

Barbara Diamond Goldin; illustrated by Rita Tan

Apples & Honey Press; ages 4-7

If only Benjy can put away all his toys, he’ll get to lead his family’s hunt for hametz on the evening before Passover. It’s Benjy’s favorite ritual where he’ll hide small packets of breadcrumbs that his family will have to find. To Benjy’s surprise, when he gets distracted playing with his younger sister, he discovers that turning the chore into fun is the perfect solution.

“Workitu’s Passover: A Story from Ethiopia”

Zahava Workitu Goshen and Maayan Ben Hagai; Illustrated by Eden Spivak; translated by Jessica Bonn

Green Bean Books; ages 4-8

In this touching, folk-like tale, Workitu, a young Ethiopian Jewish girl, discovers that her family’s Passover ritual of smashing their hand-made clay dishes, including her favorite cup, is a meaningful tradition of transforming the old into something new. Eden Spivak’s illustrations depict the warmth of rural village life.

“Afikoman, Where’d You Go? A Passover Hide-and-Seek Adventure”

Rebecca Gardyn Levington; illustrated by Noa Kelner

Rocky Pond Books/Penguin Random House; ages 4-8

In Rebecca Gardyn Levington’s rhyming adventure, all the spunky cousins search the house for the afikoman, a beloved seder ritual where kids are challenged to find the hidden piece of matzah. Readers are in for fun searching for the clever cartoonish afikoman that slips here and there in Noa Kelner’s lively illustrations.

“Frankenstein’s Matzah: A Passover Parody”

K. Marcus; illustrated by Sam Loman

Intergalactic Afikoman; ages 5-9

In this zany Passover caper, Vee Frankenstein, an inventive non-binary Jewish kid, is determined to win the science fair by bringing a piece of matzah to life. This witty story encourages kids to ask questions and amplifies the Jewish value of welcoming guests, both central themes of the seder. Sam Loman’s animated, colorful cartoon-like artwork jumps off the page.

“On All Other Nights: A Passover Celebration in 14 Stories”

Edited by Chris Baron, Joshua S. Levy and Naomi Milliner

Amulet Books/Abrams; ages 8-12 and up

A gefilte fish tale of woe; a time-travel adventure and a cartoon about the longest-ever seder that its author suggests may be true are among the standout reads in this page-turning illustrated anthology of 14 stories, each inspired by one of the steps of the seder. An all-star cast of bestselling authors, including the editors, Adam Gidwitz and Mari Lowe and others, offer short, Passover-themed works of fiction and non-fiction that will engage teens and adults alike.