A taste of what’s to come


Last week, we finally had a couple of warm days.  On the day this paper comes out, it’s predicted to be near 80 degrees.

Today, as I write this, the heat keeps going on in my house. What is going on here? It’s May!

Our miserable March and April both felt like extensions of winter. I sure hope that doesn’t continue into May, one of my favorite months, despite my allergic reaction to pollen right about this time of year.

I’ve written my fair share of weather-related columns.  Usually I’m writing about winter, and by the time the paper comes out, the weather has completely turned around and the column sounds a little ridiculous. Some readers have joked that my columns were responsible for that turnaround.

Spring weather is particularly fickle. But we all know that good comes from the ups and downs. It is true that April showers bring May flowers. Did you look around over the past few days? The white trees are in full bloom and the pink trees are starting to pop.  Daffodils are in bloom everywhere. Can the flowering shrubs be far behind?

I wish I could say that days of cold drenching rain also helped my lawn, which currently is water-logged and kind of dead looking.  In fact, everyone is still talking about how chilly it’s been this spring. Children’s ball games canceled, Major League Baseball games postponed due to snow! This year proved that starting the baseball season in March is a really bad idea!

So, when will we start complaining about the heat? Apparently soon, since nobody can resist whining when it comes to the weather. But I’ll take a few nice warm days before the house heats up. And I’ll get outside a bit before my allergies kick in. Here’s to some fine spring weather! And please don’t blame me if you see a few flakes of snow after this column appears.

On another note, this is your final reminder to send us your pet photos. On May 25, we will feature your favorite furry friends in the pages of The Jewish Voice. This is an annual issue that readers tell us they don’t want to miss. Email your photos to editor@jewishallianceri.org. And remember to include your name, town of residence, your pet’s name, and a phone number  or email address (which will not be published) in case we have questions. 

Also, remember that we have just three papers remaining before our summer vacation. Hard to believe with all the chilly weather that summer is coming. But it is, and The Voice takes a vacation every year. So send in that news! We publish on May 25, June 8 and June 22. Then we’ll say “see ya” until Aug. 10. And while you’re thinking about it, we’d love to hear what you’re doing this summer, as our summer issue is June 22.

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