Better photos?


As a reader of The Jewish Voice, I waited until Hanukkah was over, and decided to respond to an article that was written in your Nov. 23, 2018, edition (“Guest speaker dishes on food choices).

On page 30, there was an article about Hadassah’s luncheon. The two pictures were absolutely incorrect for a newspaper article. The picture to the right had three women side posed (not facing the camera). The woman on the left should have had a smile on her face. She should have been standing for the photo that was taken afterward of those who missed the first one and it was not in the paper. Whoever this “mystery woman” is, she should have been standing with everyone now present. Instead, the paper showed off incorrect smile lines. What a shame. No names included! These “mystery women” we will never get to know.

Debbie Deletetsky

Warwick, R.I.


The writer is a life member of Hadassah and a past co-vice president of programming for the Rhode Island chapter.