Cohen School students race to remember the Passover plagues


EAST GREENWICH – Temple Torat Yisrael’s Cohen School students participated in a spirited Passover Plagues Relay Race on March 25 to help them remember the 10 Passover plagues.    

The fun began with the first relay, which represented the plague of blood; the students had to race to transfer red water “blood” from one cup to another using a spoon.

They leap-frogged in teams for the plague of frogs and ran a wheelbarrow race to represent the cattle plague.

For the plague of hail, they balanced a pingpong ball on a spoon and tried to make it across a room without dropping it.

They practiced teamwork during the darkness relay, which consisted of one blindfolded student holding a Velcro ball while their partner directed them towards a Velcro seder plate.

To remember the Angel of Death passing over the houses of the Israelites, students passed over and under a ball.

The program was a fun and educational holiday experience for the Cohen School’s students from kindergarten through seventh grade.

DORI ADLER is the education director at Torat Yisrael in East Greenwich.