Committee clarity


In the most recent Sandra Bornstein Holocaust Education Center (SBHEC) newsletter, under Education Committee News, there was some confusion with regard to the Education Committee of the SBHEC and the Holocaust and Genocide Education Committee charged with implementing and overseeing the recent law requiring Holocaust and Genocide education in middle and high schools. 

To clarify: the SBHEC has an Education Committee charged with providing educational opportunities concerning the Holocaust to Rhode Island students and teachers. This committee is chaired by Barbara Wahlberg.

The recently passed law requiring Holocaust and Genocide education in middle and high schools, provides for a Holocaust and Genocide Education Committee (the Law Committee). This committee is made up of three task forces – Professional Development, Curriculum and Outreach – and is chaired by Ezra Stieglitz. The Law Committee is NOT part of the Sandra Bornstein Holocaust Education Center.

The Law Committee has worked closely with the Rhode Island Department of Education to prepare a Holocaust and Genocide website that will serve as a resource to Rhode Island educators for planning and implementing instruction in Holocaust and Genocide studies.  The website will be launched during the first part of 2018. 

The Holocaust section of the upcoming website is available right now on the SBHEC website (

For further information or any questions, please contact me at the SBHEC at 401-453-7860 or

Paula Olivieri

Education Coordinator, SBHEC

Olivieri also serves on the Law Committee