Core Connects RI and The Sisterhood of Temple Beth-El: Torah Yoga

with Diane Bloomfield


Please join us for a four-part series of Torah yoga with Diane Bloomfield in Jerusalem via Zoom. Starting Sunday November 22nd for 4 weeks at 10 am. Sign up today and secure your spot.  No previous experience in Torah study or yoga practice necessary to participate.  A rare opportunity in RI to do something new/exciting/refreshing and fun.  Sfat Emet, the 19th chassidic Rebbe, taught that the words of Torah are engraved in the body of a person, but they are hidden and need to be discovered.  In  each 1 1/4 hour long Torah Yoga class, we plan to begin with the study of a Torah text for about ten minutes.  We will then weave the Torah inspiration into a full yoga practice for fifty minutes. The last fifteen minutes, we plan to gather (on gallery mode) as a group for reflections and questions.  Through Torah Yoga we can discover the Torah that is hidden in our body, mind, heart and soul.  Diane Bloomfield is the creator of Torah Yoga and author of the book "Torah Yoga: Experiencing Jewish Wisdom through Classic Postures." She is currently working on her new book, "Playing with Fire: Secret Torah Doorways to the Inner Self." She lives in Jerusalem where she teaches Torah and Torah Yoga classes live and on the web.  Over the past thirty years, Diane has taught in many settings all over the world. She has been a guest teacher for Israel trips run by a wide range of organizations. She is a certified Junior level Iyengar Yoga Instructor and a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist.

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Event Dates
Sunday from Sunday, November 22, 2020 through Sunday, December 13, 2020
Event time
10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
Cost / donation
Elissa Felder,
.com, 401-241-9631