Great youth titles from small publishers


While the larger publishing houses are putting out great Passover books, there are quality titles from smaller publishers as well. Kalaniot Books specializes in children’s books that capture the diversity of Jewish culture and history. Check out these Passover picks for tales of inclusion and belonging.

“An Invitation to Passover” by Rabbi Kerry Olitzky and Rabbi Deborah Bodin Cohen (Kalaniot Books 2023) with illustrations by Mariia Kolker is an incredibly charming picture book about the power of friendship to build cultural connections. Hannah’s extended family isn’t coming to Passover this year, so she invites her friends instead. Sammy brings a kite to celebrate her Indian family’s tradition of flying kites to celebrate spring.  Ha-Joon brings kimchi to eat for the bitter vegetable portion of the seder, and even makes sure to keep it kosher. Monique brings song sheets for “Go Down, Moses” from her church and to remember her grandmother who sang the song while marching for equal rights. Rina’s family brings homemade Matzah to remember her mother’s upbringing in Moscow where celebrating Passover was forbidden, and they had to make it in secret. This diverse group of friends gather to help Hannah and her family celebrate Passover each bringing a piece of their own heritage to create a layered and loving celebration. The book is aimed at ages 4-8.

Travel back in time with “A Persian Passover” by Etan Basseri (Kalaniot Books 2022) to 1950s Iran where brother and sister Ezra and Roza are in charge of the matzah for the first time. Each family brings its flour to the community matzah oven and takes home its own matzah. Ezra runs too fast on the way home and drops the family’s matzah in a puddle! While the siblings rush through the market asking if anyone has extra matzah, they receive all sorts of other Passover treats, but no matzah. It will be their neighbor, who is alone this Passover, to save the day, and she’ll make it even better as their honored guest. The hardcover book is for all ages.


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