Hadasssah retreats and reenergizes



Personalized gifts created for service members
Personalized gifts created for service members


Michele Keir holds some of the Hanukkah made at the retreat. /HadassahSixty-eight women from Hadassah North East came together at a Leadership Retreat, November 15-17, at the Cranwell Resort and Spa in Lenox, Mass. The 24th Hadassah National president, Nancy Fulchuk, ignited the leaders in attendance. Rhode Island was represented by Monika Curnett, Paula Hurd, Michele Keir, Jane Kondon, Sue Mayes, Jenny Spater and Shirley Spater -Freedman. A special tribute was given in honor of the late Merry Drench.

Leadership workshops, Torah study and community service were components of this enlightening Retreat which attracted Hadassah leaders from all the New England states, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

It is the mission of Hadassah Leadership Retreats to accomplish the following goals

To bring Hadassah women together to share experiences and create friendships;

To enhance practical leadership skills and encourage personal growth;

To expand an awareness of our Jewish heritage;

To increase Hadassah knowledge and commitment; and

To inspire, enrich and renew.

All these objectives were fulfilled as well as the two community service initiatives:
the collection of food and toiletries for the needy and the creation of personalized Hanukkah greeting cards and friendship bracelets for Jewish American Troops fighting in Afghanistan.

For more information about Hadassah and a link to the Rhode Island Chapter of Hadassah, go to hadas-sah.org or email RhodelslandChapter@HADASSAH.org.