Hamilton House: Where learning never ages


Your editorial in the August issue (“Learning opportunities are all around us”) provided a great discussion about learning opportunities in our community. A hidden treasure that was not mentioned is Hamilton House, an adult learning exchange, located on Providence’s East Side. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and there is a true sense of community and belonging.

 The classes offered are stimulating and require no formal presentations. They are mostly short-term and run the gamut from the humanities and current events to computer instruction, health and wellness,  hands-on art instruction as well as in-house exhibitions and artist talks. 

Socially, you will never be bored.  Hamilton House offers informal gameplay weekly in Scrabble, bridge, backgammon, and mah jong as well as occasional trivia pub nights. There are also opportunities to form new friendships and strengthen existing ones through special events like film and feast, a music series, guest lectures, lunch-and-learn programs, wine tastings, a book club and travel opportunities. 

Many  people consider Hamilton House as a second home. You can find members reading in the library or engaged in a lively discussion in the dining room. Lunch is offered every day for a reasonable charge and some members come just to eat and socialize. 

Our involvement in Hamilton House with its engaging community of lifelong learners has been an enriching and rewarding experience for us that provides intellectual and social stimulation and helps to support an active lifestyle. To obtain further information, please call 401-831-1800 or visit the website historichamilton.com.

Maureen Krasnow and Stanley Bleecker

Providence, R.I.

Letter to the Editor, Karsnow, Bleeker