‘Hate Spaces’


Rhode Island Coalition for Israel (RICI) was formed by grassroots Jews and Christians in support of the State of Israel, the Jewish people and Judeo-Christian values. Because our conservative point of view is under-represented within RI’s “religious leadership” (e.g., the Jewish Alliance, the Board of Rabbis,  the RI Council of Churches), this past spring we invited Adam Greenman, Alliance CEO, to meet. Through meeting and written communications with Mr. Greenman, we have explored the meaning of the Alliance’s commitment of “inclusiveness” of diverse opinions.

Following the Alliance’s April co-sponsored program with J-Street involving the leftist organization Combatants for Peace, we proposed a co-sponsored public showing of the film “Hate Spaces,” a hard-hitting documentary on the dangerous rise of anti-Semitism on American campuses. This widely-acclaimed film, co-sponsored/endorsed by at least four Federations, explores the occurrence and roots of vehement anti-Israel/anti-Semitic activities by students and faculty rarely seen in the mainstream media.    

Our proposal was rejected on the grounds of the film’s “tone and imagery,” criteria that pale before the fact of open discrimination against Jewish college students in America. 

As RICI is an active and informed voice against the BDS movement in RI, the Alliance ought to follow its own standard of inclusiveness by openness toward RICI’s point of view. Unfortunately, rather than a jointly planned program, the Alliance has chosen to move ahead with planning a program presumably more palatable to liberal tastes. 

As an independent organization, RICI will arrange for a public showing of “Hate Spaces” this year. We urge all who are concerned about anti-Semitism and the anti-Israel attitudes being promulgated on America’s campuses to join us when it is scheduled. We remain open to future cooperation with the Alliance and all groups supportive of Israel.

Mary Greene


Judi Dill

Member, Advisory Board