HaZamir seeks teens to join its international choir


HaZamir Providence, an international, pluralistic Jewish choir, is starting to recruit teens for its new season.

HaZamir, which has some 36 chapters across the U.S. and Israel, aims to give teens an opportunity to sing and connect across social, political and denominational lines. HaZamir also provides opportunities for members to excel in both music and leadership, through its Chamber Choir and Teen Leadership Program.

Chapters rehearse weekly, with breaks for holidays, learning music that they will perform in New York City’s Carnegie Hall in April.

For the 2023-2024 season, the HaZamir Providence chapter is looking for Jewish teens in grades 8-12 to check out the first rehearsal, at noon on Sunday, Sept. 10, at Temple Emanuel, 99 Taft Ave., Providence.

The first rehearsal will provide a chance to learn more about the choir and the community, and even learn the HaZamir anthem. There will be snacks, and no musical or Jewish knowledge is required!

For me, HaZamir has been utterly life-changing. Though I originally had little interest in joining, and showed up largely because my parents urged me to, our rehearsals soon became the highlight of my week.

At a local level, I made good friends in my chapter.  And when I attended the international, four-day festival, I made close friends in upwards of 10 cities in both the U.S. and Israel.

HaZamir also has substantially strengthened my Jewish identity – learning about the meaning and history behind the arrangements we sing in such an accepting, pluralistic space has allowed me to grow and explore my worldview in a meaningful and profound way.

For over 30 years, HaZamir has been enriching the lives of Jewish teens on both an international and local level. For more information, go to hazamir.org, follow @hazamir_providence on Instagram, or email Eitan Pessin at pessin.eitan@gmail.com.

EITAN PESSIN is a member of the Providence chapter of HaZamir.