It’s Jewish Book Month!


Jewish Book Month, an annual event in recognition of Jewish books and authors, is celebrated from Oct. 26 to Nov. 26. It is the Jewish Book Council’s longest-running program, harking back to the Council’s origins in Jewish Book Week, a program independently started in 1925 by Fanny Goldstein, a librarian at the Boston Public Library, and quickly adopted by Jewish communities across the United States. Sponsored by the Jewish Book Council, this program gradually expanded to a month-long event in the 1940s.

Another popular program sponsored by the Jewish Book Council is the JBC Network, which sends authors on tour throughout North America. This program features in over 100 sites across North America, and continues to grow in both author and community membership.

This year, 260 authors are participating in local communities’ bookfairs and literary events through the JBC Network. The Jewish Book Council continues to complement its long-standing programs with innovative resources and engagement. Adding to its effusive online presence at, Jewish Book Council launched a new resource: JBC BookClubs, an initiative providing hand-picked book selections and recommendations, reading and discussion resources, and opportunities to video chat live with participating authors.

The Jewish Book Council is the only organization in the American Jewish community dedicated to promoting the reading, writing, publishing, and distribution of books of Jewish interest in the English language. Contact your local Jewish organizations and leaders to find out how they are celebrating Jewish Book Month!

For more information: Suzanne Swift, Director JBC Network,
Jewish Book Council,
520 Eighth Ave., Fourth Floor,
New York, NY 10018 347-871-3567 or