Lorelei Benatovich, 86


EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. – No ordinary woman, funny, warm, loving, generous, smart and a little bit of kookiness, Lorelei Fox Benatovich will be missed by her family more than imaginable. Anyone lucky enough to have known her, was quickly engulfed in her world – whether you wanted to hear about her daughters, her granddaughters or not!

Although born in the north (Minneapolis, Minnesota), she was raised in Houston, Texas, and always identified as a Texan, even if sometimes “misplaced” in New York or Rhode Island. Lorelei was a true Southerner – complete with a hint of accent (especially after a phone call with her parents or other Texas friends), Southern hospitality and a few confederate dollars.

She attended Sophie Newcomb College (the women’s college of Tulane University) in New Orleans and was a member of the AEPhi sorority.  While visiting family in Buffalo, New York, during the summers away from Houston, she met her husband of 62 years, Harvey Benatovich, and lost most of her accent during her first Buffalo blizzard. At parties, the Benatoviches were always the first couple on the dance floor and the last to leave it! Her favorite dance spot, however, was in the back of the amphitheater in Chautauqua!

A favorite nursery school teacher in her early career, she later opened Lorelei Graphics Gallery and was tempted to run for mayor of Buffalo.  However, it was more important to her to never miss a match or game andto root for her kids’ sports teams. That tradition continued in the next generation and was she was a loyal, snack-providing fan ofthe Classical High School girls’tennis team in Providence.

Survived by herloving daughters, Penny Benatovich and Lisa Brosofsky, her son-in-law, Dan Brosofsky, and the loves of her life, her twin granddaughters Sarah and Jillian Brosofsky, as well as Eric Brosofsky, many nieces and nephews, and countless wonderful friends. She was pre-deceased by her parents, Sam and Mary Fox, her brother, Myles Fox, as well her husband, Harvey Benatovich.

No one loved her family more than Lorelei. She lived for her “girls”and was a fierce Mombo/Mama Bear.  A force of nature.  Indelibly in our hearts and souls forever. A life full of love.

A donation in Lorelei’s honor and memory may be made to Temple Beth- El of Providence; The Miriam Hospital, Providence; Winslow Gardens/Alderbridge Community (E.Providence); Evergreen House Health Center (E. Providence), and Hope Hospice (Providence).