‘Never Again’ vigil


While expressions of support from our non-Jewish neighbors, such as the Never Again rally that took place on March 5, are appreciated, they expose a fundamental misunderstanding or unwillingness to accept what “Never Again” means.

Bomb threats against JCCs and swastikas on Jewish buildings are certainly troubling signs of anti-Semitism. But “Never Again” is about something much bigger. It is about the long-term ability of the Jewish people to survive. And should, God forbid, another threat like the Shoah arise, it cannot be met with only good cheer from our neighbors. It would require the existence of a secure Jewish homeland.

“Never Again” is as meaningless as “All you need is love” unless it is accompanied by  active public support of the Jewish State. Unfortunately, some of the very groups that organized and supported the rally are silent in the face of BDS activity within their own ranks; others educate their children using maps of the Middle East minus the state of Israel. Even speakers from the Jewish Alliance of Greater RI had nothing to say about Israel.

“Never Again Means Never Again,” the Jewish-friendly slogan shouted repeatedly at the rally, sounds great but it  falls short. “Never Again” means a safe and secure Jewish State of Israel, first, foremost and always.

Howard Brown

Judi Dill

Sy Dill

Yuri Japhet

Ron Katz

Dave Talan