PHDS boys Shabbaton filled with ‘awesome’ activity


The Providence Hebrew Day School’s Shabbaton for middle school boys, held May 12-13, was awesome, according to all who attended.

It began with a fantastic schooltime trip to learn how to fulfill the requirements of Lag B’Omer at Tangys Archery Lanes. The boys shot 20 arrows a distance of 10 yards toward a target. Some even hit the center of the bull’s-eye. 

The excitement continued a few hours later with a kugel-filled learning session of Likras Shabbos led by one of the Judaic Studies teachers, Rabbi Menachem Weissmann. Throughout the weekend, the tefilos were led by the middle school boys who also read the parshah and Haftorah, and gave divrei Torah at every meal. In addition, the boys were treated to Torah thoughts presented by Rabbi Yehuda Menchel of the New England Rabbinical College; Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman, PHDS dean, and Rabbi Aaron Lapin, principal of the New England Academy of Torah. 

The three Shabbat meals were hosted by their three teachers and their families – Friday night at the home of Rabbi Yechezkel and Mrs. Shifra Yudkowsky, Shabbat day at the home of Rabbi Shmuel and Mrs. Leeba Taitelbaum, and Seudas Shlishis at the home of Rabbi Menachem and Mrs. Ilana Weissmann, where they enjoyed delicious food, beautiful singing and the warmth of a Jewish home.  Of course, they all helped clear and serve throughout the meals.

The plans for Saturday night – Lag B’Omer – had to be altered due to the rain. Instead of a bonfire, the boys enjoyed hotdogs inside as well as spirited dancing and ball playing.  A great time was had by all and everyone wonders what the teachers will do next year to top this exciting weekend.

Submitted by Providence Hebrew Day School


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