Project Shoresh Purim program offered timeless message


On Feb. 21, the Sunday before Purim, the Project Shoresh family was treated to a fascinating lecture by Harry Rothenberg Esq. Harry shared how we can utilize the many messages in the Purim story and apply them to our lives today. Esther was afraid to approach King Ahasuerus, on behalf of the Jewish nation, without being summoned and Mordechai encouraged her to not delay but rather to act.

The message? Sometimes in our lives, we need to just act and not wait until it might be too late. Sometimes we need to make real-life adjustments, whether in our relationships with our families, in our community or in our commitment to Judaism. Rothenberg  emphasized that it is important to make these changes with joy as these are the changes that are sure to be everlasting. The hope was to take the messages into Pesach and beyond. For more information about Project Shoresh, visit us online at or email at

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