Questions for J Street


On April 29, representatives of the RI Coalition for Israel (RICI) attended a public meeting at the Dwares Jewish Community Center, of which J Street-RI and affiliates were the principal sponsors. We were taken aback to learn that at this public meeting, no questions about J Street would be taken. This letter is addressed as a public invitation to J Street to respond to the questions we were prepared to ask       .

How does J-Street-RI justify the fact that for two years it was kept from the public that J Street received $250,000 as start-up money from George Soros?

J Street recently opposed the Taylor Force Act, which will help end ‘Pay to Slay’. J Street also opposes moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. These positions are contrary to Israeli public opinion. How can you claim to be “pro-Israel, pro-peace” in view of your fringe politics?

When you bring groups like Combatants for Peace to the US, which are sympathetic to the so-called “Palestinian narrative”, it only serves to widen the gap between North American Jews and Israeli Jews. Why do you promote Jewish disunity especially at a time when Israel is faced with terror attacks on multiple fronts?

Mary Greene


RI Coalition for Israel