Re: Advertising (April 7)


I am writing in response to the ad by on page 16. The ad is racist, and inaccurate. If one would have spent five minutes fact checking the claims made by the ad you would have discovered that it is impossible to quantify the cost of refugees (Pew).

I found no source, other than the biased one listed, that suggested the cost of refugees was $85,000. Pew also states that there are 50 Muslim countries, not 58. In addition, there are approximately 3.3 million Muslims in the United States, who overwhelmingly have a negative view of ISIS. Regardless of the inaccuracies, the ad is racist, and does nothing to promote positive relations among Muslim and Jews.

As a proud Jew and patriotic American I strongly believe you should not have accepted the ad.


Caryn Corenthal

East Greenwich, R.I.