Re: Reflections on Israel’s 70th anniversary (May 4)


Alan Elsner stated that Netanyahu is undermining ‘core democratic principles.’ Let’s look at that from the perspective President Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms.”

1-Freedom of Speech-in the last dozen years in Israel over 500 new podcasts were created. No media outlet has been shut down and Haaretz among others, hits on Netanyahu daily.

2-Freedom of Religion-All religions are accepted; a far cry when the Arabs destroyed synagogues in the Middle East and now constantly persecute minorities.

3-Freedom of Assembly-Israeli Arabs are marching daily against the regime.

4-Freedom from Want and Fear-Israel has the highest standard of living in the Middle East. Jews rightfully have never been without fear in the last two milleniums.

AIPAC as opposed to J Street will support any Israeli government. True lovers of Israel are not carrying the weight of American politics unto Israeli shores.

Sy Dill


Board of Directors

RI Coalition for Israel