Re: Remember our roots (Jan. 19)


I read the article in last week’s edition of the Jewish Voice by Mr. Sales regarding the immigration ban.

It is really disturbing to hear people like him and other liberal Jews criticize President Trump with his immigration ban. Are they actually comparing the immigration ban on Jews in the 1920s and ’30s to countries now where many, many, terrorists come from? Did the Jews back then commit terrorist acts on American citizens? 

Trump isn’t picking countries for no reason. Trump has an obligation to protect the American people.  Even President Obama recognized people from these countries as terror threats. He just wouldn’t do anything about it.

But why didn’t I hear Jews complain about Obama, who clearly hated Jews. He denied access to the Jews’ holiest places. Or about the US/IRAN deal that he put together that  would undeniably mean the genocide of Israel?

But instead all I hear in The Jewish Voice is Trump bashing. Yes Trump,  who is the first president to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announced the movement of the embassy there.

Jews in the U.S., should be praising Trump, not just the Jews in Israel. What is wrong with these liberal Jews in the U.S? Jews who stand up for people who hate Jews, and just bash President Trump who is doing more for Israel than any other president, is just plain sickening.

Ron Katz

Lincoln, RI