Re: Rising anti-Semitism (Nov. 9)


Larry Kessler’s article about Jonathan Weisman quotes the dramatic rise in hate and anti-Semitism in the past 20 months. Let’s be  rational. Check figures for the past 20 years.

Look at the US response to the Charlie Hebdo and Kosher market massacre. World leaders, minus the US, joined to  show solidarity. Mr.  Obama sent James Taylor weeks later to sing “You’ve Got a Friend.” His actions belie these words.

President Trump’s daughter, son-in-law and half his grandchildren are Jewish. Another son is dating a Jewish woman. It seems unlikely he is busy stirring up people to murder Jews. He also incurred the wrath of the Palm Beach elite by opening Mar-a-Lago  to minorities, including Jews.

It’s time to admit both the  right and left have disturbed adherents they would rather not claim. Charlottesville – 20 year old who also tried to murder his handicapped mother when he was 12. Republican ball team – sick man living in his van. Las Vegas concert – man who felt country music lovers were Republicans so they should die, etc.

Even my own 70-year-old brother-in-law, a Vietnam Veteran, was severely beaten by an Antifa, apparently because he was wearing  a flag shirt on his way to an annual Veterans memorial service.

Finally, the Tree of Life – ultra right. Every incident  generates the same “thoughts and prayers” and show of solidarity regardless of affiliation. Same sensational TV coverage. Same result … nothing.

Ten days prior to the synagogue shooting,”Reverend” Farrakhan, a world class anti-Semite for decades, gave a videotaped speech  to commemorate his Million  Man March. Hitler made recurring reference to Jews as vermin to be exterminated like termites.

Farrakhan paraphrased: “I am not anti-Semite ... I am  anti-termite.” This was met with loud laughter and applause by the large crowd present. Immediately, Chelsea Clinton  condemned him. No politician, religious figure or Jewish figure thought it worthy of comment. I have seen no coverage in The Jewish Voice or other media. We continue to concentrate on sick people acting, for the most part, alone. The “Reverend” and others of his ilk continue to spread hate to thousands through  big rallies.

Are we watching the wrong enemy?

Rochelle M. Shatkin

Warren, RI