RICI presents Purim program


On March 8, the Rhode Island Coalition for Israel presented a program, “Such a Time As This,” to members of the Potters House Church, in Providence, as well as a half-dozen Jewish members of RICI’s board.

The program consisted of a screening of “Book of Esther” and a talk by Tricia Miller, of CAMERA’s Partnership of Christians and Jews, to the largely Guatemalan congregation led by Pastor Daniel West. (CAMERA is the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America.)

Israeli and Jewish music was provided by Stan Freedman, of the Sounds of Simcha. RICI President Mary Greene opened the program by thanking the people and government of Guatemala for their commitment to moving their embassy in Israel to Jerusalem this spring.

After an opening prayer by Pastor West, David Talan, RICI board member, expressed appreciation for Christian support of Israel as the fulfillment of 2,000-year-old prophecies in the Hebrew Bible.

The “Book of Esther,” an hour-long musical written by a California pastor, was then shown. The film was chosen for the program because of its close adherence to the Book of Esther and lack of Hollywood embellishments.

Miller then spoke about specific verses in the megillah, while Pastor West translated.

Speaking from her in-depth study of Esther, which was the topic of her doctorate and several books she has written, Miller said Israel’s right of self-defense is rooted in the Book of Esther. She pointed out that certain anti-Semitic teachings and anti-Israel writers erroneously paint the Book of Esther as a story of bloodthirsty and militaristic Jews. But Miller said the killing in the Purim story is clearly rooted in self-defense against those who ignored King Ahasuerus’ second decree, which reversed one calling for the slaughter of the Jews.

 (A video of part of her talk can be viewed at https://youtu.be/aKNolepWx1E)

The Rhode Island Coalition for Israel is a Christian/Jewish partnership in support of Israel and the Jewish people. Its website is www.ricoalitionforisrael.org and its email address is ricoalitionforisrael@gmail.com.

Submitted by the R.I. Coalition for Israel

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