Start the year with a good Jewish book


What better way to start the Jewish New Year than with a Jewish book? 

President Shimon Peres said, “I read when I get up in the morning, when I can during the day and every single evening. Most of my weekends are spent reading great books. Books are my constant companions. If you eat three times a day you’ll be fed. But if you read three times a day you’ll be wise.”

No one expects most people to be such voracious readers, but members of the greater Rhode Island Jewish community are invited to read a single book of their choice over the course of three months. The books should be non-fiction books of Jewish content. We will celebrate how we have each broadened our knowledge with a special event on Jan. 22.

This program is sponsored by the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island, the Board of Rabbis of Greater Rhode Island, Kollel: Center for Jewish Studies, PJ Library and Project Shoresh.

A few community members have shared what they are reading to get you started:

Donald and Bonnie Dwares are reading “Judaism’s Ten Best Ideas,” by Rabbi Arthur Green.

Minna Ellison is reading “This Is Real and You Are Completely Unprepared: The Days of Awe as a Journey of Transformation,” by Alan Lew.

Alice and Sid Goldstein are reading “Not in God’s Name,” by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

Capt. Gilor Meshulam, the community shaliach (Israeli emissary) from 2014-2016, recommends “1948: A History of the First Arab-Israeli War,” by Benny Morris.

Jeffrey K. Savit is reading “In The Garden of Beasts,” by Erik Larsen.

What would you like to read? For recommendations of books, and to register, check our website at, or feel free to call your rabbi or neighbors. A community that learns together grows together!

LARRY KATZ is director of Jewish Life and Learning at the Jewish Alliance.