Statement from Brown RISD Hillel


Brown RISD Hillel is deeply concerned by the activities that occurred in its facility on Wednesday, May 11, 2016. The un-authorized showing of three short films, produced by an organization that does not support a two state solution and therefore the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish, democratic state, should not have occurred. 

A small group of students led the un-authorized showing in our building. Assertions that Brown RISD Hillel’s Executive Director, Rabbi or staff attended the screening are false. Our board is continuing to review the issues that led to this event. 

Although Brown RISD Hillel welcomes dialogue and critical discussion of Israel and its policies, it will not sponsor or host programs that question Israel’s legitimacy or advocate against its right to exist as a secure, democratic, Jewish state. We stand firmly by Hillel International’s Guidelines for Campus Israel Activities which will continue to be used as our guiding principles when addressing difficult subjects related to Israel programming. 

Brown RISD Hillel remains deeply committed to its long and honorable tradition of serving all Jewish students on campus and inspiring them to build an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning and Israel. 



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