Taking action on climate


With tattered clothing and ghoulishly painted faces activists expressed their fears of climate destruction by guising themselves as zombies doomed to wander an unlivable earth. As a part of a national Day of Action, Oct. 29, Climate Action RI teamed up with the Jewish Youth Climate Movement of RI to descend upon the Chase Bank branch on Thayer Street in Providence to voice outrage over the profits they say that Chase and other financial institutions reap from by investing billions of dollars in fossil fuel production.

Youth activists raised their voices to let Chase Bank know that profiting from the destruction of the planet’s climate and endangering their future is unacceptable. According to the activists, the continued production and burning of fossil fuels that overheats our earth’s atmosphere threatens the existence of human civilization as well as the planet’s ecosystems filled with millions of vulnerable species of plants and creatures. They were advocating for everyone to speak out and tell financial institutions to cut off the money to fossil fuel productions and turn toward a renewable energy future.

For more information on the Jewish Youth Climate Movement, go to jewishyouthclimatemovement.org. There is a local chapter at Temple Torat Yisrael in East Greenwich.

Submitted by Rabbi Aaron Philmus, Climate Action RI, and Jewish Youth Climate movement