Temple Sinai offers new members 6 months free


CRANSTON – For Jews who are feeling the pull to return to synagogue, Temple Sinai is offering free membership for six months, from July through the end of December.
“Being Jewish has never been easy, but we are now living through a moment when many disconnected Jews are looking for the support and comfort of a meaningful Jewish community to help them deal with the rise of antisemitism, the war in Gaza and the pressures of everyday living,” said Sinai’s Rabbi Jeff Goldwasser.

He continued, “We understand that many people are interested in connecting with a like-minded congregation, but it may seem daunting, especially if they’ve never joined a congregation before.”

The offer of free membership includes tickets to the congregation’s High Holy Days services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. New members will still need to pay tuition for Religious School if they have children who will attend.
“We are living in a new era,” Goldwasser said. “Once upon a time, Jews joined synagogues just because it was what you are supposed to do. Those days are over. Jewish families and individuals want to find a place in a Jewish community that reflects their values and that gives them a place to discuss and process the challenges they face.

“They want to experience being part of a real community, engaging in real learning, and attending services that are meaningful and fulfilling.”

For more information about Temple Sinai, call the office at 401-942-8350, or email dottie@templesinairi.org.

Submitted by Temple Sinai