Thanks for the memories of Providence


I just want to commend and thank May-Ronny Zeidman for her articles, especially when she writes about her past and brings back so many wonderful memories we can all associate with. This last article (“Scenes from the Providence of my youth,” in the Dec. 21 issue) made me smile so much as I read it and brought back so many wonderful trips to downtown Providence by bus with my mom and sometimes with my bubbe. My bubbe would go to a hairdresser next door to the Loew’s Theater and give me 25 cents to go to the restaurant next door for a hotdog and soda while I waited for her.

I gathered from the article she [Zeidman] came from the North End. I came from South Providence. We both grew up in the 40s, 50s and 60s. This article brought back a wonderful memory of my dad taking me to the RKO Albee Theater [on Westminster Street] to see “Cinderella.” I must have been around 6 years old. Our memories fade as we get on in our senior years and then we read an article about the past and it all comes back. South Providence had Willard Avenue stores, where my family shopped, many synagogues and two or three Jewish Community Centers. So thank you May-Ronny Zeidman for taking us back to our past and all the wonderful memories in your articles.

Arline (Kushel) Cusick

Warwick, R.I.