The Cohen School celebrates its graduates


Torat Yisrael’s Cohen School celebrated its largest seventh-grade graduating class in many years at the graduation and closing ceremony on May 6.

The ceremony began with the annual photo and music slideshow presentation. Following the slideshow, the school honored its hardworking seventh-grade graduates. Mazel tov to Brayden Adler-Maranhao, Mitchell Chernick, Amanda Dronzek, William Erickson, Julia Erickson, Jake Evans, Josh Hill, Jack Johnson, Cammie Johnson, Sarah Mayo, Ella Neidleman, Jacqui Sholes and Hope Silverman.

The following awards were then presented: The Wendy B. Adler Award recipient was William Erickson; the Anna R. Sholes Award, Jack Johnson; the Michelle Pam Ross Memorial, Brayden Adler-Maranhao; the Ida Falk Award, Cammie Johnson. Plaques with the students’ names are displayed in the school wing.

A “Moving Up Ceremony” was also held, led by Rabbi Aaron Philmus and Leah Ross-Coke, for Pre-K Sprouts, who will be joining the school’s kindergarten class next year. They received diplomas and were very excited to get their first prize from the school prize box!

The K-1 class sang aleph bet songs while holding their Hebrew ‘chicka boom boom’ trees, the second and third graders recited the Hebrew numbers 1-10 and talked about their Beer Sheva project, the fourth and fifth graders’ presentation focused on Tel Aviv and their synagogue project, and the sixth and seventh graders led the community in the singing of Israel’s national anthem, Hatikvah, and spoke about what hope means to them.   

The school thanked its awesome teachers and student aides for their dedication to the students as they lead them on a Jewish educational journey and inspire them to be proud of their Jewish heritage.   

DORI ADLER is education director of Temple Torat Yisrael, in East Greenwich.

See graduation photos on page 14.