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Board games bring family together

Thursday, April 4

Of all Jewish traditions, the Passover seder is perhaps the most family-oriented. As multiple generations gather around the table, each plays a special role. Between telling the …

Pesach shortcuts for seniors

Thursday, April 4

Before Pesach last year, I wrote about how to best build the seder around an aging loved one. In retrospect, this was  perhaps an overly child-centric approach. In my defense, most things …
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Springtime traditions are in full bloom

It’s April, the season of showers, flowers, spring, cleaning and Passover! Yes, Passover. It’s not too early to begin thinking about our springtime holiday commemorating our …

Signs of spring are beginning to grow

The colder it gets, the warmer our thoughts

Today, we turn the page

Out with the old, in with the new

Eight splendid points of light


Joseph Goodman, 71

Sunday, April 14

Samuel Green, 84

Sunday, April 14

Bertram Howard M.D., 96

Sunday, April 14

Richard Seigle, 70

Sunday, April 14

Janet Weissman, 76

Sunday, April 14

Israel Wiegenfeld,  105

Sunday, April 14

Martin Zawatsky, 89

Sunday, April 14

Community Q&A

Rabbi Weissman: an advocate for social justice and civil rights

Thursday, April 4

Rabbi Alex Weissman is the senior Jewish educator at Brown RISD Hillel, where he says he has the pleasure of drinking a lot of coffee and learning a lot of Torah with and from his students. He agreed to answer a few questions as part of Jewish Rhode Island’s ongoing effort to introduce community leaders.
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Bob Alper brings stand-up to Temple Sinai

Thursday, April 4

This rabbi isn’t just fun, he’s a professional comedian. Providence native Rabbi Bob Alper will bring his “unorthodox’ style of comedy to Temple Sinai in Cranston on April …

The burden and the blessing “Memory is a passion no less powerful or pervasive than love.  It is to live in more than one world, to prevent the past from fading, and to call upon the future to illuminate …

Where do we come from?

“The image of the man and the woman in the perfect garden suggests a tension between things as they are and things as they might have been. It conveys a longing to be other than what we …

Looking Back

Purim – how sweet it is!

Thursday, April 4

April is here, which means Pesach is close upon us. In the midst of making out the long to-do lists and to-buy lists and getting everything ready for the sederim, my daughter Vivian …


Sen. Reed’s actions show his friendship for Israel

Thursday, April 4

On March 12, Howard Brown, director of the RI Coalition for Israel, wrote a letter to the editor of the Providence Journal asking the question “Is R.I.’s Senator Reed still a friend …


Beyond tzimmes: a memorable Passover stew

Passover has always been my favorite holiday. Each year, my grandmother was proud to host two well-attended seders – there were never fewer than 18 people at our tables each night. I loved …