The 8 must-read Jewish news stories of 5779

Wednesday, October 2

The Jewish calendar year 5779 was a turbulent and often painful one for Jews around the world. Mounting global anti-Semitism, two deadly American synagogue shootings and two (as yet) inconclusive Israeli elections in the space of just a few months were among the stories that defined and helped frame the communal discussion as the new year approaches.
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Looking back at Jewish Rhode Island in 5779

This is a time of introspection for many of us. We’ve welcomed 5780 with joy and anticipation. We’ve heard the sound of the shofar and look forward to the coming days. And we look …

We’re starting ‘The Conversation’

Learning opportunities are all around us

No summer break for Jewish Rhode Island

Both sides of the story

Our annual tribute to our furry friends

Touro Fraternal awards grants for High Holy Day security

Tuesday, September 10

In July, the Touro Fraternal Association announced its intent to pay High Holy Days security costs for all Rhode Island synagogues, Chabad houses, and Hillel organizations. As of this writing, that offer has been accepted by 18 congregations across the state.


Blanche Broeder, 92

30 minutes ago

Shirley Handwerger, 97

30 minutes ago

Gayle Sock, 71

30 minutes ago

Sarah Rebecca Whited, 38

Friday, September 27

Eileen Kotler, 94

Friday, September 27

Judith Chorney, 87

Friday, September 27


Dr. Michael Fine: ‘The challenge of our politics is to see ourselves as one people’

Wednesday, October 2

Michael Fine, a past director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, is a physician, writer and community organizer. He is the chief health strategist for the city of Central Falls and the …

Journalist and lawyer Ari Melber to speak at 2020 Annual Campaign event

Wednesday, October 2

Breaking news is fast-paced and ever-changing. Now more than ever, the news out of our nation’s capital changes by the minute. And news from Washington is getting even more attention these …
During my elementary school days in the 1950s, I attended religious school three days a week at Temple B’nai Israel, a Conservative synagogue in Elizabeth, New Jersey. When our teacher …
Bringing new life into old words

When I was a sophomore at Columbia College in 1963-1964, I had the privilege of studying creative writing with Kenneth Koch, a celebrated poet of what is known as the New York School. Since creative writing is inspired by “creative reading,” Koch made it his mission to bring to our attention up-and-coming authors who were not yet widely read. I am especially grateful that he introduced us to the Argentinean Jorge Luis Borges (1889-1986), whose short-story collection “Ficciones” (Grove Press, 1962) had recently become available in an English translation from the Spanish.

Other news

Clean-up time!

Staff members of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island participated in international coastal clean-up day Sept. 23 with Save the Bay at Blackstone Park.

Spreading joy!

Not going to synagogue or fasting? You can still observe Yom Kippur

Author offers in-depth look at Ben-Gurion

Cranston Seniors schedule activities

RI EMA awards security grants

Looking Back

Memories of autumn in a bygone era

Wednesday, October 2

It is autumn. Sukkot is near. At our home, this meant we would soon be enjoying the lovely flavor of one of the fruits of the season – plums.   These were not the ordinary kinds …


Hamilton House: Where learning never ages

Wednesday, October 2

Your editorial in the August issue (“Learning opportunities are all around us”) provided a great discussion about learning opportunities in our community. A hidden treasure that was not …

Philbin’s speech

Wednesday, October 2

I attended Lt. Col. Philbin’s talk last night [Sept. 17 at PHDS] and I thought, wow, here is a real-life Righteous Gentile in our midst!  He was down to earth, humorous, and straight …

(Alma via JTA) – For most Jews, the etrog, a thick-rinded citrus, is relegated to a fleeting, supporting role. Held beside the lulav (palm frond) once a year during the upcoming festival of …
6 tips on eating before the Yom Kippur fast

(The Nosher via JTA) – Yom Kippur is one of the most, if not the most, important day on the Jewish calendar. For many Jews, fasting and being in synagogue is the focus of the …