Alliance CEO: Working toward a stronger, more vibrant Jewish community

Thursday, August 1

These remarks were presented at the annual meeting of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island. They have been edited for Jewish Rhode Island.   For nearly two years I have had the …
d'Var Torah

The power of memories on Tisha B’Av

Oppressive governments. Neighbors turning innocent neighbors in to the authorities. The most revered place desecrated. People exiled, fleeing a home that can no longer be home. Parents weeping …

Lessons from a failed rebellion in the desert

We are all very important people

An added measure of holiness at just the right time

Editor's column

Learning opportunities are all around us

You are never old enough, or wise enough, to stop learning. No matter what I do or where I go, I pick up some tidbit of information that causes me to stop and think, “Hmmm. I …

No summer break for Jewish Rhode Island

Both sides of the story

Our annual tribute to our furry friends

Springtime traditions are in full bloom

Mike Fink

From a Caribbean island to Rhode Island, ties that bind

I’d been planning my pilgrimage to the place where patriotism was born and bred: the bleak, black isle of Sint Eustatius.     “Don’t go there, there’s nowhere to swim, nothing to see, nothing to do,” advised a pair of sophisticated travelers I sometimes see at the pool at the local Marriott.   “Cruise ships avoid it altogether,” they claimed.  

Letters to the editor

Saying “Never Again” is not enough!

Thursday, August 1

Recently, a news report on TV showed Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) officers going on a raid and rounding up illegal immigrants. This was all too reminiscent of Hitler sending out storm …

Remembering the Kofflers

Thursday, August 1

Jewish Rhode Island sparked my gratitude wherein the paper made mention of my parents, Charles and Sarah Koffler, whose summer home on Central Street in Narragansett Pier hosted weekly Sabbath …

From the archives

An unsung American journalist is Righteous Among the Nations

Originally this article was due to appear in May at the time of Yom Ha-Shoah. The press of important news necessitated using the space for current events and delaying the article for a month. …

Purim – how sweet it is!

In remembrance of Armistice Day

The story of a once vibrant community and its synagogue