Feinstein 2014 challenge raises $227 million to fight hunger


Rhode Island philanthropist Alan Shawn Feinstein’s 17th annual $1 million giveaway to fight hunger his year raised more than $227 million for 1,766 nonprofit agencies. The agencies helping the hungry use his challenge as a spur to their own fund-raising. The $1 million is being divided proportionally among them.

Feinstein started his giveaway in 1997. Since its inception, this annual campaign every March and April has raised more than $2.5 billion – the most successful on-going grassroots effort ever to help the hungry.

Feinstein is the founder of the Center for a Hunger Free America at the University of Rhode Island, which leads the administration work for this annual challenge. The 142 Feinstein Leadership Schools in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts helped spearhead this campaign by collecting food and other donations for their local food pantries. Other Feinstein Leadership Schools helping the needy are in Kenya, Nicaragua, Honduras and Haiti.