Never forget


On a blustery May 6, approximately 50 people gathered at the Rhode Island Holocaust Memorial in Providence for the first annual Yom ha-Shoah commemoration. Jeffrey Savit, president and CEO of the Jewish Alliance of Greater R.I., welcomed the group. Rabbi Wayne Franklin, of Temple Emanu-El, and Rabbi Howard Voss-Altman, of Temple Beth-El, offered remarks as did Sen. Jack Reed and Rep. David Cicilline. Cantor Jodi Blankstein chanted “L’Dor V’D’or” and “El Maleh Rachamim.” Fifth-graders from the Jewish Community Day School of R.I. read “The Butterfly,” by Pavel Friedman, and “First They Came for the Jews,” by Martin Niemoller. 

Herb Stern, chair of the Holocaust Memorial Committee, closed the program, offering thanks to all who participated.