New campaign to support security in the community


In response to countless recent acts of hate, including in Charlottesville, Virginia, and closer to home, the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island has embarked on a Community Security Campaign. In addition to this special campaign, the Jewish Federation Foundation and an anonymous donor are supplying funds to support this critical undertaking.

The precise amount of funding available will be determined by how much is raised in the Community Security Campaign. A grants process is also underway to help finance the comprehensive plan for strengthening security and safety communitywide.

The plan includes providing no-cost risk assessments to Jewish institutions, agencies, cemeteries and synagogues within the catchment area; MIR-3, a security communications system for communitywide use; a security liaison to foster relationships and coordinate ongoing communications with local and national law-enforcement agencies; a community security consultant to provide training, education and guidance to all agencies; and ongoing lobbying and attention to federal funding for ongoing maintenance of said security and safety measures.

Over the last year and a half, Wendy Joering, director of community engagement and security liaison at the Alliance, has built a solid relationship with local law enforcement agencies. In recognition of her work, the Providence Police Department honored Joering with a Community Appreciation Award on Oct. 4. Other community recipients of the annual award included Toby Ayers, of Rhode Island for Community & Justice, and Jodi L. Glass, of the Rhode Island Commission on Prejudice & Bias.

“I am grateful to the Providence police for our strong partnership in assuring that our community is safe,” Joering said. “They have guided us during these turbulent times and continue to be supportive of and attentive to our needs.” 

She added, “I am proud to know that we, as a community, are investing in safety for today and tomorrow. It supports the values we stand for both as Jews and humans.”

Jewish agencies applying for security assistance are required to participate in a mandatory facility risk assessment (at no cost to the agency); demonstrate an unmet security need; and provide a portion of the project’s funding. The Request for Proposal (RFP) is currently available; all facility risk assessments must be completed upon submission of the RFP.

For more information on the Community Security Campaign, contact Trine Lustig, vice president of philanthropy,

JENNIFER ZWIRN ( works in allocations and endowment for the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island. She is also the AccessJewishRI vocational services contact.

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