Re: A cartoon that isn’t funny (March 4)


Political cartoons have been used for years to provoke thought, provide open dialogue, increase awareness, and add humor to political hot button issues.  Rabbi Rosenberg’s opinion titled “A cartoon that isn’t funny” tells us that one evening a cartoon sent by StopIranNow-RI appeared in his inbox titled, “Multiculturalism – The Real Suicide Bomber.” Angered by the cartoon, instead of doing what we all do when we receive an email we disagree with (i.e., click “trash”), he decided to use the cartoon to personally attack Howard Brown and StopIranNow-RI as a means to get his inspirational message of multiculturalism to the Jewish community. 

The cartoon represents multiculturalism’s darker side that can get us killed if we tolerate a culture or religion that actively tries to undermine or destroy ours. This cartoon was first published in 2005 and has been seen and talked about by millions of people. The cartoon doesn’t single out Syrian refugees nor does it make any reference to any refugee group. 

StopIranNow-RI, coordinated by Howard Brown, is a pro-Israel grassroots organization. Last year the members of StopIranNow-RI spent countless hours emailing and making phone calls to the RI community to contact their congressmen and senators to reject the nuclear deal with Iran and the release of billions of dollars to Iran. 

We believed the experts who told us Iran would use the money to continue developing nuclear weapons and arm Hamas and Hezbollah, and we were right.  

StopIranNow-RI speaks up on behalf of Israel, against anti-Semitic attacks on college campuses, and to have its views included by our Jewish leadership when they make public statements about matters affecting Israel. We will not be silenced when it comes to defending Israel.

Esta Barcohana

Pawtucket, R.I.