Re: CRC statement and letter (Nov. 25)


I have looked in The Voice for a voice that expresses what anyone with a knowledge of recent history would rail against. Instead I find the solicitous voice of the Community Relation chair and others congratulating President-elect Trump and a letter to the editor supporting the appointment of Bannon as White House chief strategist and expressing surprise at Rep. Cicilline’s letter condemning that appointment.

This blindness hearkens back to the early days of Nazi Germany when many Jews  thought that Hitler was just a passing phenomenon. We are not living in normal times when the president-to-be has selected white nationalists for major positions in his administration. Until this election, I did not believe such a phenomenon could happen here.

A president who has modeled the freedom to lie and still be elected, who has voiced words of disparagement for women, for people of color, for Muslims, for Mexicans, and for people with disabilities has unleashed expressions of hate for Jews as well. Let’s not wait until violence follows.

 Perhaps we are not at the top of the list this time, but let’s not wait until “they come for us.”  Speak out and recognize the danger. Please print Rep. Cicilline’s letter requesting the withdrawal of the Bannon appointment. It is the least you can do.

Hilary Salk


The writer is the author of “Eavesdropping in Oberammergau”