Re: It’s indisputable (Sept. 2)


I have to respond to Jeff Ballabon and Bruce Abramson’s piece in the Sept. 2 Voice.

Their most glaring error is calling support for the Likud government’s extremist policies as being “pro-Israel.”

I don’t believe that supporting right-wing extremists in Israel is more “pro-Israel” than supporting right-wing extremists in this country is “pro-American.”

It is a fact that Israel has turned into a rogue apartheid state. Likud’s policy toward the Arabs is reminiscent of the former South African policy toward its black citizens. Supporting Netanyahu and his land-grabbing rejectionist policies is clearly not in the long-term interests of Israel.

It’s especially bizarre for Ballabon and Abramson to refer to Israel as “a pluralistic liberal democracy” when millions of Arabs have been under Israeli occupation for almost 50 years and have absolutely no say in how they are governed.

Real friends of Israel support a fair peace with the Arabs. Those who blindly follow the Likud line are leading Israel into a catastrophe. And how can Jews, of all people, support official racism and oppression?

David Steinberg