Re: Mike Pence’s faith (Feb. 16)


I differ sharply with the opinion of Ron Kampeas in the Feb. 16 issue of the Voice. He quotes a known Jewish liberal Daniel Seidemann who states that what seems to be driving our Mideast foreign policy is the influence of VP Mike Pence and the administration of Christian Evangelists in giving total support to Israel.

What’s wrong with that? When in the last several thousand years have vast numbers of non-Jews given total support to Jews and their homeland? Christian Evangelists numbering in the millions, frequently visit Israel, support Israel mon- etarily and politically Israeli institutions, advance Israeli causes in our Congress and even serve in the IDF.  This is  in the face of other Christian denominations that are hostile to Israel by supporting BDS through their churches and academia.

I welcome Evangelical help and look forward toward our working together with the Jewish community for peace and prosperity in the biblical land that we all cherish.

Sy Dill

Providence, RI

Dill, Letter