Re: Pew findings (March 18)


In the opinion article by Daniel Sokatch, CEO of the New Israel Fund, it was more important what he left out about his NGO. 

– They fund “Breaking the Silence” by collecting IDF classified information that Moshe Ya’alon, Defense Secretary of Israel, stated recently “that’s treason.”

– Funded “Ehud Shem Tov,” supporting their petition to warn soldiers not to serve in the 2014 Gaza War.

– Funded “Adala” which maligned Israel for fighting the Gaza War.

– In Febrary 2015, petitioned European countries as to boycott products manufactured in the settlements as well as academics who do not adhere to international law.

And on and on.

This is an organization that demeans Israel. At a time when we need to bind together and support the Jewish State, we must turn away from the NIF whose dangerous message is at odds with the  Israeli people.

Sy Dill,