Re: R.I. lawmakers fail to restrict guns (Aug. 19)


In Mr. Leach’s article “Despite increased public support, R.I. lawmakers fail to restrict guns,” the two biggest factors of violence are omitted: alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drugs are implicated in an estimated 80 percent of offenses leading to incarceration in the U.S. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, two-thirds of victims suffering violence report the perpetrator had been drinking. Pressuring state representatives to enact stricter gun laws will do nothing to stop violence related to drugs and alcohol.

I question the methodology used to conduct the poll for RICAGV. Do 605 people polled represent the majority of Rhode Islanders? Residents polled were asked a question, given more information and then asked the same question again. Mr. Leach’s statement “a high percentage of Rhode Islanders agreed with the legislation it supported” is in my view inaccurate.

Mr. Leach admits the groups he supports have held “lobby days,” while criticizing pro-Second Amendment groups of employing paid lobbyists. Moms Demand Action spends thousands to pay lobbyists to forward their agenda. They have lobbied Target, Starbucks, Chipotle, Chili’s, Sonic and Jack in the Box, demanding that guns be banned from the establishments, often providing state and local organizations with inaccurate and sometimes misleading statistical information.

It’s been proven over and over gun free zones do not work; mass shootings generally occur in places where firearms are banned such as malls and schools. The Aurora movie theater gunman chose the only gun-free theater among seven others within a 20-minute drive.

Mr. Leach admits federal law already prohibits gun ownership for those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence. How would a new state law help?

History proves there’s an inherent risk to Jews when they begin to force others to submit to their legal, cultural or political authority. Rabbis and religious leaders have the right to voice their views to their congregants. However, many within the Jewish community believe in their constitutional right to protect themselves and their families.

Ron Stuart,